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Classic Street Tacos                       $3.75

Pulled pork topped with cilantro. onion. lime and cojito crumble cheese

Cheeseburger Paradise Tacos          $3.75

Ground beef. shredded lettuce. tomato. pickles. house queso blanco and Mickey D Mac sauce

Buffalicious Tacos                                   $3.75

Pulled chicken soaked in buffalo sauce topped with shredded lettuce, mozzarella cheese and ranch

Americana Tacos                                    $3.75

Traditional taco with ground beef, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and taco sauce

Barbaloo Tacos                                        $3.75

Pulled pork or chicken soaked in sticky fingers barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and homemade apple slaw

Asian Sensation Tacos                          $3.75

Pulled pork or chicken soaked in "House" garlic ginger sauce topped with asian slaw. green onions and sesame seeds

Ultimate Nachos                                      $9.00

Served with any of our tapas toppings- your choice!

Chips & Queso Blanco                           $3.75

Plain Chips and Queso Blanco

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